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Hi my name is Mike Marckisotto and this journey all started when my wife and I visited one of our favorite wineries in upstate NY. The winery was selling a few of their used wine barrels and I've always wanted to work with one to see what I could do. Once I got my newly purchased barrel home, it ignited a passion in me. I've always loved working with wood and building things -- this just took my craftsmanship to a whole new level. Shortly after, I decided to make this into a business and created Pittsburgh Custom Wine Barrel Co.

I love being creative and coming up with new projects that I'm able to make with wine barrels and I'm always up for hearing your ideas as well. That's the mission of my business - to create custom pieces that will be in homes forever.

When I'm not in my shop working on a barrel for a client, I love spending time with my family which includes two boys [Brent & Lukas], my wife Julie and our dog Stewie. Biking, running and exercise are also a big part of my life. 

Keep checking my website for new products and events throughout the year and thanks so much for stopping by!

  • July 12-14 Vintage Market Days Monroeville Convention Center

  • August 30-Sept.2 Pa Arts & Crafts Labor Day Festival Westmoreland Fairgrounds Greensburg Pa

  • September- TBA

  • October 5-6 Delmont Apple n Arts Festival

  • October 13 Edgewood Winery Springdale Pa

  • November 22-24 Holiday Spectacular Monroeville Convention Center

  • December- TBA